Embrace Mobile Sleep Studies for Safe, Convenient Diagnosis

By Dr N. Bhikha
Neurophysiologist at Sandton Sleep and EEG Laboratory


Traditional sleep studies have often been associated with laborious processes, requiring a patient to be admitted to hospital and subjected to uncomfortable testing over an extended period. This was already seen as a daunting process even before the onslaught of Covid-19. Today entering a hospital is usually a last resort.

Innovations Driving Ease of Use

Thankfully, advanced technologies (like those used by the Sandton Sleep Lab) make electroencephalograms (EEGs) and other diagnostic tests like polysomnograms much simpler. Now you can simply pick up the testing equipment from Sleep Lab, and head on home to have the tests run while you spend the evening with your family.

This approach does not just ensure ease of availability and access, but also means you can safely have an EEG or polysomnogram done without having to visit large, overcrowded medical facilities.


How an At Home Diagnostic Testing Works

 Visit Sandton Sleep Lab to pick up the equipment

  • Our Doctors and Technicians will spend 15 to 20 minutes getting the equipment set up, as needed
  • You go home!
  • You return the equipment to Sandton Sleep Lab the next morning, where we’ll extract the data recorded on a flash drive
  • We’ll provide you with a report and a diagnosis

It really is as simple as that.

Your day faces truly little interruption, the testing in non-intrusive and won’t affect your daily routine, and by the next morning you may have an answer to all your sleep issues.


Utmost Convenience, Increased Accuracy

With the latest technology we are empowered to take the hassle out of sleep studies. You no longer need to be admitted to hospital or fuss with medical aid authorisations. Patients also get more accurate test results, as they are not only in their own environment when the test is running but are also sleeping in their own beds. This has been proven to make a huge difference in the accuracy of the results, as patients typically sleep better at home.


For more information at Mobile Sleep Studies, please contact Sandton Sleep Lab at info@sandtonsleeplab.co.za.  

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